This 4700 acre development Northwest of the City of Santa Fe has over 1700 home sites, 2 Signature Jack Nicklaus golf courses, a world class Spa/Fitness and Tennis Center, as well as an award winning main Clubhouse and a spectacular Equestrian Center. Homes range in price from $400,000 to just under $10 million, with an average price of $1.1million. Membership at The Club at Las Campanas is available for $25,000 for a social membership (pool, spa, swimming pool, dining facilities and Equestrian Center) and $40,000 for a Full-Equity Golf Membership (All of the amenities of the social membership plus unlimited golf priviledges). Roughly 1/2 of the owners are seasonal, and 700+ homes have been built on the approximately 1,300 lots that have been sold in this gated community.

Las Campanas Homes For Sale

Lots For Sale in Las Campanas

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